Cold Weather And Toothaches: What’s Going On?

When the weather turns colder, do you notice that you tend to develop toothaches? If so, this might not be a coincidence. This pattern may occur as a result of details associated with plummeting temperatures. Then again, you may be doing things during the winter that simply make it seem as though your oral health issues can be blamed on winter! Find out more.

Are You Congested?

It might not be the cold air but the common cold that is bothering your teeth. Keep in mind that congestion in your upper airways creates pressure. That pressure can press against your teeth, which in turn, leads to toothaches! Visit your doctor to address the illness.

Are You Traveling By Plane?

Perhaps you associate cold weather with toothaches but you happen to fly during wintertime for holidays. If so, it might be the flight, not the cold air, that leads to discomfort. There are pressure changes when you fly that can result in pressure within your teeth. The result? You can feel it and it doesn’t always feel lovely. If discomfort persists, see us just for a checkup!

How’s The Air? Freezing?

The tissues in your teeth can expand a contract just a bit. Unfortunately, when the temperatures swing from warm to cold (or when you’re drinking a sip of cocoa and then breathing in frigid air), the nerves in your teeth might let you know! If you experience sudden zings during wintertime, remain mindful that extremes in temperature may cause you some sensitivity. You may also wish to begin using a sensitivity toothpaste instead of your usual paste to limit this type of toothache discomfort.

Treat Toothaches By Seeing Our Team

Don’t make any assumptions about your tooth pain. Instead, find out for certain what’s going on by scheduling an appointment! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.