3 C’s: Why Your Tooth Needs A Crown

You might not feel overjoyed when we tell you that you need a dental crown. That is, until you realize that receiving a crown is extremely beneficial and can actually rescue your smile! The process of receiving this restoration is a simple one and, fortunately, once you’ve got your crown in place, you will be able to move forward with your life with a healthy, functional smile that looks nice, too! Get the essentials down with three C-related words associated with crowns and their importance.

C: Crumble

Your tooth is absolutely susceptible to crumbling if you avoid the need for a dental crown. Perhaps it will break more. Maybe it will crack. There are different ways that damage may continue to affect your tooth’s structure. However, when you say yes to the placement of a crown, your tooth is fully protected structurally, so the dental tissue remains preserved. Otherwise, you might find yourself headed toward an eventual extraction.

C: Cosmetic

Not interested in having an unsightly smile? Not to worry, we offer beautiful crowns for teeth that are visible (or even for those in the back!). You may select a lifelike material to ensure your crowned tooth appears natural and lovely. Among our options, you will find porcelain, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

C: Construction

Now, let’s talk about the construction of a dental crown. These restorations are crafted with precise care, ensuring the materials used are right for the location of your tooth, to ensure they will hold up, to ensure they blend with your bite, and to ensure they offer the protection your tooth needs.

Receive A Beautiful Crown From Our Team

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