Mouthwash Q&A

Do you ever stand slack-jawed in the dental hygiene aisle, staring at the huge amount of mouthwash options available to you without much of an idea regarding what’s what? If you answered yes, then welcome! You are in very good company. As you know, most of the products you will see look very similar, their packaging promises many things, and unless you’re a dentist, differentiating between your choices may prove most difficult. Our session of questions and answers should help. For specific suggestions, just ask during your next cleaning.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will mouthwash help me prevent tooth decay?

Answer: If you include a therapeutic mouthwash as part of your dental hygiene on a daily basis, then it may help prevent tooth decay. We encourage you to choose an antibacterial option that is formulated to fight plaque. Remember, you must also brush twice daily and floss once for effective results.

Question: Will mouthwash eradicate my bad breath?

Answer: Not necessarily. If you’re using a cosmetic rinse (one that is not formulated to fight bacteria) then it will certain cover the problem up for a couple of hours. If it’s an antibacterial mouthwash, then it may contribute to the reduction of bacteria along with brushing and flossing, which may work. However, if you’re unsure about the cause of persistent bad breath, you may need to schedule a visit.

Question: Can whitening mouthwash work? Can I expect my teeth to look dramatically whiter with consistent use?

Answer: No. It might offer some very gentle brightening properties. However, you will not see a huge shift. For that, we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss teeth whitening.

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