3 P’s Of Periodontal Problems

When you’re short on details regarding periodontal problems but you think they may be affecting you, it can be a bit of a scary place to find yourself! While nobody likes dealing with periodontal concerns, the one thing to keep in mind is that we are here to help you. We offer deep cleanings if you are in need, so we may guide you back toward optimal gum health. As for a little assistance with what to make of gum disease, we’ve got three important P’s to consider!


First things first, puffy gums are quite frequently a sign that you’re dealing with periodontal problems. While this may or may not appear during gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease), if you see it accompanied by red or purple gums, bleeding gums, etc., then you should make seeing us a priority.


In the list of stages associated with periodontal problems, the problem progresses from gingivitis (remember, this is the first stage and one that is generally curable) to periodontitis. This more advanced diseased state no longer affects only your gums but and goes down deeper, potentially leading to the destruction of ligaments, bone, etc. Seek care immediately, so we can help you manage the issue and avoid damage.


Are you pregnant? It’s important to remember that when your hormones change in a dramatic way, this can increase your chance of periodontal problems. Greater blood flow to gingival tissue means greater sensitivity to bacteria. Keep up with checkups always (even while pregnant) to protect your smile.

Protect Yourself From Periodontal Disease With A Deep Cleaning

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