3 Ways You’re (Accidentally) Brushing Poorly

You may be realizing lately that suggestion for brushing twice a day for two minutes per session offers a general overview of best brushing habits. However, it doesn’t provide you with every last detail you need to be certain your brushing is completely effective. For improved dental hygiene results, we would like to offer some assistance by explaining a few missteps patients often make that can undermine an otherwise pure intention to brush correctly! Check in on your brushing regularly and you’re sure to do an excellent job.

#1: Your Brush Isn’t Reaching Back Teeth

It’s possible that your toothbrush isn’t reaching your back teeth, which can mean decay and other problems for this area of your mouth. Make sure you’re getting every surface of your smile clean by choosing a different brush. Many brushes have extended bristles on the tip specifically for this purpose. See if making a change helps. If not, ask for our dental hygiene advice.

#2: You’re Neglecting The “Backs” Of Your Teeth

Now, about the part of your teeth that face your tongue: It’s easy to overlook these areas. Unfortunately, if you skip them during dental hygiene, they can develop cavities and you may be promoting gingivitis. It’s easy to miss these surfaces when you’re too worried about cleaning the visible part of your smile. So, make changes to improve your brushing.

#3: You’re Only Brushing Side To Side

You should be brushing in small circles, moving your toothbrush up and down. If not, you’ll miss some of the plaque on your tooth surfaces and will likely not be able to clean beneath your gumline. Change your approach for cleaner teeth and gums.

Learn Best Brushing Habits During Your Visits

Ask us about dental hygiene and the best ways to approach it during visits, so you’re up to speed on best practices at home. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.