Teeth Stains: Where Are They Coming From?

You know that your smile could look much better but that it doesn’t look as wonderful as it could because of staining. While you recognize that you should come in for cosmetic care to properly address the problem, so your teeth look vivid and white again, you have one lingering question: Where are the teeth stains coming from? Fortunately, there’s rarely any big mystery here. Consider some very common factors that tend to come into play.

Staining Foods And Drinks

The foods and the drinks that you’re consuming are often the cause of your staining. Unless you’re very careful to avoid anything that is very pigmented, chances are good that this will eventually affect your teeth. Do you drink sodas, coffee, or juice, eat red sauces, cocoa, or berries? These and many more can lead you down a path toward requiring cosmetic care.


As you likely know, tobacco residue can cause staining to just about anything, including your teeth. If you experience yellowing as a result, cosmetic care can help.

Eroded Dental Tissue

While you may think you’re looking at stains, you might actually be seeing exposed dentin. This the layer of your teeth that resides beneath your outer, protective layer called enamel. As the enamel is worn thinner and thinner, your teeth look more and more yellow because your dentin is yellow.

Internal Trauma Or Stains

If your tooth experiences some amount of internal trauma, you might deal with internal discoloration. Or, certain antibiotics that you take that have been prescribed by your doctor can stain teeth from the inside. Rest easy, there’s cosmetic care for this, too.

Come In For Cosmetic Care To Address Stains

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