Tobacco: Don’t Overlook The Problems

Perhaps you are someone who has uttered, “Some people smoke all their lives and nothing bad happens!” before. We understand that this can provide you some comfort if you are a tobacco user who would prefer not to quit. However, the scientific data supports the fact that it’s more likely than not that you will not be one of these very fortunate individuals. As for our perspective, when it comes to your oral health, your use of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can lead to some serious problems. Don’t overlook them. Instead, consider some important facts.

World No Tobacco Day Exists For A Reason

Did you know that May 31, 2017 is this year’s World No Tobacco Day? That’s not a national day of recognition. It’s a worldwide one! This is because the use of all forms of tobacco can have a significant negative effect on your health and even on those around you. We encourage you to take this as a reminder to take your oral health and your overall wellbeing seriously.

Think Through The Possible Results

When you smoke tobacco, chew tobacco, or consume any other form of this substance, you’re putting your oral health in immediate danger. It’s much easier to understand how this might result in a serious impact to your smile with the following information:

  • It increases your likelihood of experiencing oral cancer, throat cancer, and other forms of cancer
  • It worsens dry mouth, leading to decay, bad breath, and additional problems
  • Tobacco increases your chance of developing gum disease
  • It increases your chance of tooth decay

Talk With Us About Giving Up Tobacco

If you feel ready to give up tobacco but you have some questions for us, we encourage you to schedule a visit, so we may assist you in protecting your oral health. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.