2 Surprising Reasons You’re Getting Cavities

When you think you know all there is to know about preventing cavities and then you are told that you have one, it can be an extremely frustrating moment. But I brush and I floss and I come in for care! you say to yourself. While these are all the preventive steps you should be taking to keep your smile clean, strong, and free of decay, there are some other sneaky culprits that could be leading to this oral health issue. Find out a bit more, so you can easily protect yourself in the future.

#1: Medication-Related Dry Mouth

It’s often a disappointing surprise to patients who are otherwise doing a standout job with their dental care that cavities keep occurring. This is often an issue that stems from medication side effects. Did you know that dry mouth is a common side effect of many drugs? When your saliva flow is negatively impacted, it leaves teeth vulnerable to bacteria that hang out without being rinsed off by your usual moisture levels.

#2: Drinks You Assumed Were “Healthy”

Yes, that drink that includes tons of fruits with no added sugar offers you health benefits. The sports drink you consume after exercising certainly rehydrates you. However, what you may be overlooking is that these beverages can cause cavities. Why? Well, anything other than milk or water is likely acidic or filled with sugar (or both). These types of drinks attack enamel and lead to decay. If you choose to consume them, remember that you will need to rinse your smile to protect your teeth.

Avoid Cavities With Expert Knowledge

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