Keeping Lips Healthy All Year Long

You have probably noticed that there are certain times of the year that your lip health isn’t quite at the level you would prefer. What you want is moisturized, supple lips that feel good, look healthy, and don’t cause you any frustration. What you might get sometimes, however, is dry lips that look a little parched and feel very irritated. No problem! Whether it’s winter, summer, or any other time of year, we have helpful tips.

Use Sunscreen

Use a lip balm with sunscreen in it if you’re going to be outdoors any time of year. You should also use a gentle sunscreen on your face (and around your delicate lip tissue). You can then rest assured that you’re doing all that you can to keep your lip health safe from UV rays.

Careful With Facial Products

What are you using to care for your face? Do you use face wash? Astringent? Serums? Face peels? Exfoliants? Whatever the case, just remember that if it’s getting on your lips, it might be doing some harm. Be careful with your application, so lips don’t become dry or irritated as a result.

Use Lip Balm (Consistently)

If you swipe on some lip balm once a week and don’t understand why your lips are still dry, it’s because you need to be more consistent. You’re adding moisture and locking it in, which is essential on an ongoing basis if the time of year requires it. Why might this become necessary for your lip health? Consider the following:

  • Central heating and cooling can be very drying, especially while you sleep
  • If you’re congested (cooler months bring the cold and flu), mouth breathing may lead to chapped lips

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