Wisdom Teeth 101

Have you realized that most of your friends and family have gone through wisdom teeth removal but you’ve never had this procedure completed? Perhaps you don’t really know what’s happening with these teeth (also called third molars). To help you make sense of the basics, we are happy to provide you with an introductory survey into the world of these often problematic teeth!

What Are They?

Your wisdom teeth are the molars that are the last to show up. You’ve got two on the top and two on the bottom, developing all the way in the back behind the rest of your smile. Also referred to as third molars, since they are the third set to show up, they will usually make their arrival when you’re in your late teens or the early years of your twenties. Don’t see any in your smile? They could be impacted. Or, you just might not have developed any!

About The Problems

As we mentioned, your teeth may be impacted. This means they failed to erupt, which is a problem. If you don’t have any, that’s fine! We remove wisdom teeth very often because they can be so problematic and are unnecessary for a healthy, complete smile. Another common concern is teeth taking an awkward route, which heads directly for other teeth. It can cause pain, damage, and even press your smile out of alignment.

What To Do?

Call us and schedule a dental checkup. We can see what’s happening with your wisdom teeth and then let you know whether you need extractions or if they’re A-OK as they are.