Helpful Dental Hygiene Alternatives

When you realize that there are some aspects of your daily dental hygiene that you don’t really like, you might feel very uncomfortable about it. On one hand, you’re feeling very frustrated because these things really bother you. On the other hand, you feel like you need to learn to tolerate them because you don’t want to put your oral health at risk. When these types of dilemmas come up, remember that it’s always best to talk with us. There are often some very simple alternatives that can still get the job done.

Don’t Like Brushing Your Tongue?

Not a fan of brushing your tongue? There are a lot of people who find this part of dental hygiene somewhat unpleasant. While it’s absolutely essential to clean your tongue, you don’t necessarily need to rely on your toothbrush. Try a tongue cleaner/tongue scraper instead. It’s smooth, very effective, and often considered more comfortable.

Dislike Traditional Floss?

You know that there’s no way around dental floss as part of your daily dental hygiene. However, you just don’t like it. The best place to begin is trying a new type of floss. Take a closer look at the drugstore and you will see there are a lot of options. New flavors, new textures, and more can change your feelings on this topic dramatically.

Having Trouble Brushing Gently?

Do you find that you continue to brush way too hard even though we have told you multiple times to brush gently? No worries. Try incorporating an electric toothbrush into your dental hygiene routine instead of a manual one. It often relieves patients of the need to push. Instead, you will simply guide the brush.