Tooth Cracks: Common Questions

Nobody likes dealing with a cracked tooth. It’s unnerving, it can feel uncomfortable, or it can look unsightly without leading to any sensitivity. In short: Cracks can cause a lot of confusion. Rather than spin your wheels in an effort to get answers online or from friends, we always encourage you to come to us. A visit will quickly allow you to hear all about what happened to your tooth and how we can repair it for you. For the time being, get started on the info you’re seeking with our Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: If I crack my tooth, should I come in right away for a dental care visit?

Answer: Of course. While it might be serious or simply cosmetic, there’s no way to know for sure on your own. Instead, avoid any unnecessary complications by coming in for a visit when any type of damage occurs, including a cracked tooth.

Question: Am I definitely going to need some kind of restorative treatment like a crown if I end up with a crack?

Answer: Not necessarily. If it’s a true crack that exposes a deeper layer of your tooth, then yes. You will require a restorative treatment to make your tooth whole again (and sealed). If it’s just a craze line, however, you won’t need care but you may elect to receive cosmetic care to camouflage the issue. A craze line is a tiny fracture in your enamel that may be unsightly but that is not dangerous.

Question: Is there anything I can do to avoid a cracked tooth in the future? Can I alter my dental care to protect my smile?

Answer: You can simply do your best to avoid foods that are too hard, to agree to treatments that we suggest (such as bruxism treatment), and to keep up with your preventive visits.