Root Canals: They Are Actually Comfortable

Have you found out that you need root canal therapy and your friends and family have decided to tell you tons of horror stories instead of being supportive? While you could certainly let this get to you, we encourage you to remember there are some common reasons individuals will have such stories to tell! The most important detail you need to remember is that this restorative treatment is actually comfortable, will allow you to avoid losing your tooth, and can actually prevent serious discomfort. Learn more, so you can rest easy.

People Remember The Pain Of Infection

When someone hears the term “root canal therapy” they often flash on the entire experience they had when their tooth was infected. Unfortunately, the pain of their infection or abscess is often tied into the memory of the event. As a result, they remember discomfort in general and forget that the restorative treatment was the good part that fixed the problem and alleviated all of that pain.

You’re Numb Throughout Treatment!

We numb your tooth as well as the tissue surrounding it. You can rest assured that throughout your root canal therapy, you might be able to detect the fact that we are working on your tooth but you will certainly not experience any discomfort.

The Result Is Restored Oral Health

Of course, you may experience a little bit of sensitivity and soreness after a root canal treatment, which is generally the case with any similar procedure. For most patients, just an over-the-counter pain reliever is all it takes to regain complete comfort. Before you know it, your smile will be back to normal.