How To: Rely On Preventive (Not Restorative) Care

You may initially be of the mind that it’s best to wait until you really need dental care before you schedule a visit. This usually means that a patient waits until a cavity or some other problem occurs before coming in for care. While restorative treatments will certainly repair problems and help one regain oral health, this isn’t the best approach. Instead, we encourage all patients to rely on preventive care instead. Wondering why? We are happy to answer that for you!

Prevention Is Cheaper

When you weigh the cost of a dental filling against preventive care (two cleanings and checkups each year), you will quickly note that prevention is cheaper. You might think to yourself, “Oh well, I don’t mind paying a little more.” What you don’t realize is that avoiding prevention will probably yield more than just a single cavity. When you skip professional cleanings, tartar builds up, which creates the ideal environment for tooth decay, gum disease, and more.

Prevention Is Safer

If you keep your teeth clean and free of structural damage, they will last longer. A solid, structurally sound tooth without any cracks, chips, or repaired damage is stronger than one that has one or multiple treatments. Keep up with preventive care to promote teeth that last a lifetime.

Prevention Is More Comfortable

When you brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and see us for preventive care, your smile remains healthy. A healthy smile is a comfortable smile. While issues like gingivitis and cavities might not feel uncomfortable initially, a smile that is neglected will eventually experience a variety of symptoms as the result of oral health issues.