Prosthetic Dental Care: Q&A Session

Are you unsure about what to make of prosthetic dentistry? Do you fully understand that the treatments we offer will help get you from point A (missing teeth) to point B (a complete smile) but it’s all the details in between that bring up a lot of questions for you? When this is the case, it’s always a wonderful plan to schedule a consultation with our practice. To give you a quick infusion of answers for the time being, check out a helpful Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is everything in prosthetic dentistry permanent? What if I’m having trouble deciding which prosthetic I think is best for my smile but in the meantime, I’m walking around with open spaces in my smile?

Answer: Not everything is permanent. The fixed devices we place include dental implants and dental bridges. If you prefer a removable prosthetic, we also offer full and partial dentures, which you can easily take in and out of your mouth.

Question: Is there a way for me to temporarily replace my teeth, so my smile looks complete, while I’m planning for dental implants in the future?

Answer: Yes! You may wish to rely on dentures when you are looking to achieve a complete smile but your long-term plan is to receive dental implants.

Question: Is it really that important that I get going with prosthetic dentistry if I have just one missing tooth or two? Will something bad happen if I leave the spaces as they are?

Answer: It’s always important. Even one open socket in your smile leaves room for your teeth to migrate, moving toward the opening, potentially resulting in misalignment. Open spaces also promote hygiene-related issues and an unbalanced bite.