Dental Contouring: Your FAQs

Have you found yourself feeling quite lucky that you can rely on dental contouring to make your smile look better? Have you also found yourself feeling somewhat uneasy because, though you love the potential benefits of this cosmetic treatment, there are some questions you want to ask before you make any decisions? You will be pleased to learn that you are in good company. Patients prefer to feel well-informed, of course, which is something we are happy to assist with! Please ask your questions when we see you! For now, get ahead of the game with our FAQs session.

FAQs: Contouring

Question: Is dental contouring something that is going to cause me any amount of discomfort? Will I need an anesthetic?

Answer: Numbing your tissues is not necessary for contouring. The process to improve the shape and texture of your teeth for a more attractive looking smile is incredibly gentle. As a result, you can expect for your entire visit to simply include comfortable shaping.

Question: Isn’t this going to end up damaging my teeth? I know that it’s best to keep as much of my natural tissue as possible.

Answer: Dental contouring is unique because it allows us to remove such a tiny amount of your tissue. Unlike a break, chip, or crack, the minor removal of enamel through expert, strategic care is completely safe. We take precise measurements prior to the treatment to ensure we only remove as much as it safe to protect your smile.

Question: How can I figure out if I need dental contouring, if I should combine it with any other treatment, and whether it’s even an option for me?

Answer: Schedule a visit with us! That’s really all you need to do.