2 Hazards Of Bottled Water (And Solutions)

2goldHave you ever given any thought to the bottle of water you pick up from the convenience store and carry with you throughout the day? How about when you go ahead and re-fill that bottle of water and use it for the entire week? Do your children do the same thing? This seemingly harmless, convenient idea is actually something that can get your oral health into trouble. While it’s entirely true that drinking sufficient water every day is valuable to your health, you might need to change up your approach just a bit. Take our advice!

#1: It Probably Doesn’t Contain Fluoride

The water you’re drinking may be spring water, purified water, distilled water, or otherwise. What it isn’t in most cases? Water that has been treated with fluoride, such as the drinking water that comes out of most taps in established communities. The problem with this is that the supplementation of fluoride in drinking water is one of the main ways our patients (adults and children) receive adequate fluoride for good oral health.

#2: Your Bottle Might Not Be Reusable

If you’re using a bottle that is not reusable in nature (if it comes with water already in it and it’s plastic that belongs in the recycling bin, it’s probably not means for reuse) then you’re up against some potential hazards. The material is likely containing some toxins that can end up in your water and you’re probably not washing it with your dishes (so it could be full of germs).

Your Solutions

Start using a reusable bottle that you can purchase at sporting goods stores, your local grocery store in many instances, department stores, outdoor/camping stores, online, and more. If we speak with you and recognize that you or your child is not receiving enough fluoride for good oral health, it might be time to start using the tap water (and carrying it with you in that special bottle).