Q&A: Should I Take Sensitivity Seriously?

qafabricAre you struggling with sensitive teeth? Do you find that what’s even worse is that you’re struggling with figuring out what to do about the situation? Before you assume this discomfort means you’re facing dire straits, remember that this is what we are here for: To help you maintain (and often regain) oral health. Contact us, so we may schedule an appointment to get your smile back on track.

Questions and Answers

Question: Should I take sensitivity seriously?

Answer: Yes. The onset of sensitive teeth can mean that something is wrong that needs dental care. Or, it can mean that nothing serious is wrong. However, to ensure you’re doing your best to protect your oral health, it’s essential that you schedule a visit to come talk with us about what’s happening, so we can examine your smile.

Question: If it’s just minor sensitivity, will I have to just put up with it or can you suggest ways to improve my comfort?

Answer: Of course, we can suggest ways to make your smile feel better. You may need to practice more caution with the foods you’re eating (skip anything extremely hard), you should remember to brush with light pressure, and we may recommend that you use desensitizing toothpaste.

Question: What types of problems may include sensitive teeth as a symptom?

Answer: When your tooth is inflamed or irritated inside (an infection), when your roots have become exposed (due to gum recession), or when your enamel is damaged and nerves are exposed (enamel erosion or decay), sensitivity may be your warning sign. Come in for care, so we may resolve the issue.