Is There An Easy Way To Make-Over My Smile? Part 2: Dental Contouring

tooth contouringIf you are looking in the mirror each morning wondering if there is an easy way to make-over your smile or if you would need to undergo extensive treatment, there are some quick and easy dental treatments these days that can give you an affordable smile make-over.  Of course, if you have missing teeth, or your teeth are broken, decaying, and in bad shape, you may have to undergo extensive treatment. But, if you are simply unhappy with the shape or size of your teeth, or if your teeth have minor imperfections, dental contouring may just be the easy fix you’re looking for.

What Can Dental Contouring Be Used For?

There are several dental imperfections that dental contouring can treat. For instance, if you have one or two slightly overlapping teeth, contouring can help. If you feel as if your teeth are too big or too long, contouring can help. Contouring can also improve:

  • Minor surface imperfections
  • It can make your smile more uniform by fixing oddly shaped or irregularly shaped teeth
  • It can round out those sharp, pointed cuspids or “vampire” teeth
  • It can smooth rough, jagged, or uneven teeth

How Is It Done?

Dental contouring involves removing the slightest amount of tooth enamel to smooth jagged edges, round sharp points, decrease length, etc. Although it is quick and nearly painless, anesthesia can be administered to eliminate any possible tooth sensitivity or discomfort. Dental bonding and contouring are often used in combination (bonding adds tooth structure) for an affordable, quick, and easy smile make-over. If you’re unhappy with your smile, but do not want to undergo extensive dental work and incur too much expense, ask doctor Browne about tooth contouring and composite bonding treatments.