Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence In Your Bite

A meal you used to love may feel like it has to be taken off the table permanently if tooth loss has affected your bite function. In addition to affecting the way you look, the loss of teeth can start to interfere with your ability to comfortably bite and chew. On top of making it harder to enjoy certain items, this can lead to pain and stiffness related to TMJ disorder! At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we have experience helping people who have been affected by tooth loss. With dental implants, we can provide you a permanent dental prosthetic that can help you smile, bite, and chew with more comfort and confidence! (more…)

Are These Common Oral Health Mistakes Hurting Your Smile?

A good oral health routine should be consistent, as well as thorough. While many people recognize that they should take their smile care needs seriously, they sometimes become relaxed toward their routine. As you continually brush and floss, you can start to “occasionally” skip sessions, or cut cleanings short. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of tartar, and even troubles with tooth decay and gum disease. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to help you regain good oral health when you come in for a routine dental exam. As part of our commitment to helping you maintain your smile health in the office, we can offer tips that help you do a better job between appointments.  (more…)

We Can Improve Your Smile With Careful Gum Contouring

Do you have a problem with bulky or uneven gum tissues? For people who feel that their teeth look too short, or that their smile is asymmetrical, it may be beneficial to look into a gum contouring procedure. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can recommend gum contouring if these problems currently affect your confidence and appearance. Through a careful removal or reshaping of tissues, your smile can become more uniform, and your teeth can exhibit a more natural length and appearance. This is one of many cosmetic dental procedures available to our patients if they feel self-conscious about the way they look. We can talk to you about other options for smile improvement, or we can discuss following your gum contouring treatment with additional work to deliver more positive changes. (more…)

We Can Provide A Dental Crown To Address Your Needs

Sometimes, our teeth need more than just the support of a good oral hygiene routine. When a cavity forms, or when you experience trauma that damages your enamel, you can require restorative dental work. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can make sure your needs are met by restoring your tooth with a dental crown. Crowns provide more support than dental fillings, as a crown is designed to completely cover a tooth above your gum line. When taking care of a patient, we can ensure that they receive support from an appliance customized to fit comfortably, and designed with the appropriate material to preserve your smile and dental function. (more…)

Is Jaw Movement Starting To Feel Painful? Tell Your Dentist

Why would common biting, chewing, and speaking motions cause you to feel pain? Problems with your jaw alignment or movement can create problems with your joints and muscles, leading to persistent discomfort, limited movement, and even problems with headaches and neck pain. This problem, known as TMJ disorder, can have many causes, and without treatment it can cause real concerns for your quality of life. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, patients who are feeling symptoms of TMJ disorder can come to us for support in order to resolve their troubles. (more…)

Protecting Your Smile Can Be Difficult Without Dental Exams

If you brush and floss every day, and maintain a disciplined, low-sugar diet, is there really any reason to see your dentist? It is hard to overstate the value that good daily habits offer, but routine dental exams can be beneficial even with these habits in place. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist offers several important forms of preventive care when you come in for appointments. Your teeth, gums, and oral structures will be carefully checked for any signs of trouble with your dental health. This means having your teeth checked for cavities, but it also means that symptoms of serious conditions like oral cancer can be identified. Your visits are also beneficial because regular teeth cleanings help you avoid future problems with tooth decay and gum disease. (more…)

We’re Ready To Discuss Dental Bonding And Contouring Work

Are you ready to talk about how your smile can be improved? Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can make sure you no longer feel embarrassed by dental discoloration, damages, or even naturally occurring issues that affect the shape or size of your teeth. For many people, these improvements can happen in as little as one appointment thanks to dental bonding and contouring work. This process lead to positive changes without the use of restorations that must be crafted and placed. This approach can also minimize changes to your tooth structure, making it a surprisingly conservative path to noticeable smile improvements. (more…)

Does The Idea Of Dental Work Make You Uncomfortable?

How can you make sure your smile is healthy when anxiety keeps you away from the dentist’s office? For many people, dental anxiety creates a serious obstacle between them and their best oral health. After all, it can be difficult to keep your smile in good condition when you are not attending regular dental exams and cleanings. It can also be hard to make sure a potential problem with an aching tooth is addressed if you keep putting off your appointment. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is aware of just how intrusive dental anxiety can be. For patients who struggle with this condition, we can make visits easier through sedation dentistry. (more…)

Do You Have Concerns About Your Periodontal Health?

Is your periodontal health something you should be worried about? When an infection occurs, and it is not addressed in time, the harm to your oral health can be serious. People who develop advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, are at risk for losing teeth, and their problem can make them more vulnerable to overall health concerns as time passes. Fortunately, there are symptoms you can watch out for in order to determine if you might have reasons to worry about gingivitis, the initial stage of an infection. You can also count on our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office to recognize signs of poor periodontal health during a routine dental exam. If there are concerns about your gums, we can respond by performing an ultrasonic scaling. (more…)

How Can I Tell If My Tooth Is Affected By A Cavity?

If you think something feels wrong with your tooth, you should take that concern seriously. A persistent toothache, or a sudden discomfort when exposed to hot or cold temperatures, can be a sign that you have a cavity that requires care. With that said, there are times when a person can have a cavity without realizing it. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can perform a study of your smile to determine if you have any troubles that require restorative dental treatment during your routine dental exam. These visits are important, even when you feel fine. If your appointment leads to the discovery of a cavity that is not causing you discomfort, it can be treated with a dental filling before it ever has the opportunity to grow serious. (more…)