Address Issues With TMJ Disorder To Put A Stop To Discomfort

TMJ disorder can be an intrusive, seemingly overwhelming problem. Throughout the day, you can experience pains in your face, neck, and jaw. You may also have issues with chronic headaches because of this issue, and it can be the cause of your habitual teeth grinding. If you are concerned by these persistent symptoms, talk to your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. TMJ disorder can be addressed through a special appliance that eases the pressure you are feeling on your jaw joints. You can also receive an appliance to keep your teeth safe from nightly grinding. The sooner you do something about the problem, the sooner you can start to enjoy a break from these recurring pains. (more…)

Can I Count On A Whitening Treatment To Fix My Smile Issues?

Every time you check your smile in the mirror, you have a frustrating feeling that your teeth are only growing duller. Your efforts to brighten your smile using store bought products had less effect than you desired. Should you hold out hope that a professional whitening treatment from your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help? Using a professional treatment, rather than something found at the store, can lead to better results, as the materials available from your dentist can reach staining particles that reside below the surface of your enamel. That means you can do something about stains that have persisted through past efforts to brighten your smile. If you have a problem with the color of your smile because of intrinsic discoloration, your dentist can recommend a different cosmetic dental procedure(more…)

Make Sure Your Daily Oral Care Practices Protect Your Gums

When you brush and floss, you aren’t just protecting your teeth. Your daily care helps you avoid issues with cavities, as well as potential problems with your periodontal health. With that said, the way you perform these tasks can impact their effectiveness. One problem is a lack of care for teeth at your gum line. When you rush through your oral care routine, or fail to floss, your gums can be vulnerable to an accumulation of harmful oral bacteria. Providing quality care for your smile at home will help you avoid any issues that might require restorative dental care. Better habits, along with regular dental checkups with your Prairie Village, KS dentist, can lead to better dental health in the long term. (more…)

Enjoy The Spectacle Of The Fall Festival And Parade Sept 29!

On Saturday, September 29, you and your family can go out and celebrate the fall season during Overland Park’s Fall Festival and Parade event! You can enjoy the sight of the parade, which helps to usher in the fall season. You can also check out a craft fair, farmers market, and great food and drinks! There will also be live music to keep up everyone’s spirits. This is a daylong event with plenty of activities for people to enjoy, and lots of opportunities to make the most of your weekend! The beginning of fall means we will have several holidays to celebrate soon, and one of the first is Halloween! The candy may taste great, but it can do not-so-nice things to our smiles. Make sure you have routine dental care scheduled with your Prairie Village, KS dentist! (more…)

We Can Provide Emergency Dental Care When You Need Help

Will care be available to you if you find yourself dealing with an emergency dental problem? Dental injuries and bouts of pronounced pain are issues people generally hope to avoid in their lifetime. With that said, you do want to be prepared in the event of an emergency. You can be relieved to know that your Prairie Village, KS dentist is ready to help patients who need emergency care. You can look forward to treatment for your problem when you need it. After addressing the matter with the appropriate restorative dental care, your dentist can talk to you about a solution to the problem that offers the appropriate functional and cosmetic dental support. (more…)

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Your Smile Clean?

Your daily decisions matter when it comes to your smile. If you want to receive good news at your next dental checkup with your Prairie Village, KS dentist, you should keep up with an effective oral health care regimen. That means brushing and flossing regularly. When you perform these tasks, you also need to take the time to be thorough, so you reach the full area of your teeth. Of course, other factors can influence your results. What kind of diet are you maintaining? Sticky foods can cling to teeth, and sugary products feed oral bacteria, which can lead to dental damage. Eating a nutritious diet, and drinking water, can help you protect your smile. (more…)

Contouring Work Can Help You See Great Smile Improvements

By targeting specific smile flaws, and carefully addressing them, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you show off terrific cosmetic improvements. For many people, the solution to their troubles lies in contouring. This can be part of a dental bonding and contouring treatment, where your dentist makes precise modifications to flawed teeth. Contouring can also refer to periodontal care. In some cases, patients will undergo gum contouring to address teeth that seem squat, or short. Gum contouring also makes it possible to address an issue with periodontal tissues that appear uneven, or bulky. If you feel unsure of what procedure might be the best for your needs, you can address your interest in having work done during your next routine dental checkup. (more…)

Check Out Light The Town Pink At Prairie Village Shops!

On the evening of Thursday, September 27, the Prairie Village Shops will make a change to its lighting. You can witness the switch to pink lights, which is being done to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The entire month of October will see the shops operate under these pink lights. During the lighting event, you can enjoy appetizers from C. Frogs, take tasty treats from a Dessert Bar supported by Dolce Bakery And Family Fun, and engage in special family-friendly activities. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist wants everyone in the area to enjoy great health. If you want to make sure your smile is healthy, make sure you set up a routine preventive dental exam! (more…)

Enjoy Puppy-Pool-Ooza Before The Prairie Village Pool Closes

As the summer season wraps up, the Prairie Village community pool is set to close for the season. However, there is still time to enjoy a little more fun in the water, thanks to the Puppy-Pool-Ooza event! On Tuesday, September 4, you can bring your dog out to enjoy time at the pool before it is drained for the season. This special event offers you a chance to let your furry friend exercise, socialize, and have fun swimming. This event is a nice way to say goodbye to the pool for the year, and to enjoy a relaxing evening out with your family. Your Prairie Village, KS dental office encourages area residents who make the most of their experience in our community. We also want to remind you to make sure you have your next dental checkup scheduled! (more…)

Understanding What You Gain From Dental Implant Support

What kind of difference can the support of a dental implant, or dental implants, make for a person looking to restore their incomplete smile? If you have lost even one tooth, you can suffer cosmetic as well as functional difficulties. It may be harder to comfortably bite, chew, and speak. Over time, you can experience pain from TMJ dysfunction, and even lose mass in your jawbone. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can talk to you about the benefits of having implant-supported prosthetic work. With this advanced support, your restoration can be counted on more readily when you bite and chew food, and it can remain more comfortable throughout the day. Implants also offer the ability to prevent jawbone resorption, the deterioration of bone mass that unsupported restorations can fail to address. (more…)