Common Treatments For Tooth Decay

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When you follow a healthy oral hygiene routine, you help prevent the environment that causes tooth decay and gum disease from appearing. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily cleans the deposit of debris and bacteria from your diet that can form plaques and threaten your health. While vigilant hygienic practices are necessary to maintain the best smile possible, from time to time you may still receive a cavity. Also known as caries, cavities are the result of permanent harm to the surface enamel of your tooth and require removal to prevent continual growth. When decaying tissues are removed, the process permanently alters its structure and requires fortification for your tooth

At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we offer preventive and restorative treatments to best fight the effects of tooth decay! By attending regular dental checkups, we can remove plaque and tartar, and examine your mouth for signs of existing decay. When we detect a cavity, we treat it by removing decayed material and filling the hole. A dental filling can restore the appearance of a healthy tooth and protect the inner structure from reinfection. (more…)

The Importance Of Routine Dental Care

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How vulnerable is your smile to problems like tooth decay and gum disease? If it has been a while since your last dental cleaning and examination, a professional checkup can prevent oral threats and detect any existing issues before they become worse. While your hygiene practices at home form the basis for healthy smiles, your dentist removes bacterial deposits that cannot be treated with your brush or floss. This is why you should support your daily routine with semiannual checkups.

At your Prairie Village, KS, dentist’s office, we recommend regular cleaning and examination appointments to support the health and beauty of your smile. By professionally cleaning your teeth, we prevent the buildup of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Examinations provide the opportunity to detect common signs of trouble that you may not notice on your own at home. When you maintain a regular schedule of appointments, you access best practices for preserving long-term dental health. (more…)

Helping You Detect Oral Cancer

Smiling man running in parkRegularly visiting your dentist provides great benefits beyond keeping your teeth shiny and white! In addition to cleaning your teeth, routine checkups allow us to detect any changes in the appearance of your oral cavity since your last visit. While cavities and erosion of your enamel can affect your teeth, we also examine your cheeks, tongue, and lips for signs of oral cancer. By learning common symptoms, you can also evaluate your health in between your semiannual dental visits. If you detect a symptom at home, report it right away, and do not wait months until your next appointment. Any sudden changes to your oral tissues such as a sore that will not heal or permanent discoloration may indicate cancer. Lumps, growths, or red and white patches on your lips and mouth are other common signs.

While oral cancer is a serious disease, seeking an early diagnosis can increase the odds of successful treatment. This is why regular examinations and awareness of common symptoms are so crucial in fighting its development. At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we offer screenings of abnormalities in your oral cavity. When screening suggests disease, we will refer you to a specialist to provide expert care. Because this disease affects patients of all ages, it is never too early to pay attention to the health of your mouth! (more…)

Prosthetic Solutions For Missing Teeth

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Living with a missing tooth can be very frustrating, and not only because of its effect on your appearance. Tooth loss impacts the alignment of your bite and can cause significant strain on your jaw as it awkwardly shifts around the gap in your smile. Your diet becomes limited as you avoid foods that cause pain when they come into contact with your open socket. Over time, threats to your oral health become more likely and can cause you to lose additional teeth.

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist understands the difficulties patients experience after losing a tooth. This is why we plan and place restorations to return your bite and prevent further damage to your smile. We offer consultation to examine the health of your mouth and suggest which treatments best close your smile’s gap! (more…)

Cosmetic Treatments For Confident Smiles

Man in suit smilingIf you have problems with the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can assist you in obtaining a desirable smile! Our treatments focus on the area others pay attention to most while you speak. This helps you gain confidence in personal interactions without worrying about blemishes or imperfections in your grin. At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, multiple services allow us to create a comprehensive treatment plan for enhancing your look. To learn how we treat issues with dental discoloration, damaged teeth, and problems with spacing and alignment, schedule a visit to our office today! (more…)

Fortifying Teeth After Cavity Removal

Smiling woman outdoorsPracticing healthy oral hygiene behaviors every day can help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold in your mouth. When you brush and floss, you remove the buildup of bacteria and food debris that form plaque on the surface of your teeth. Unfortunately, certain conditions can cause cavities even in those that practice rigorous daily cleaning. Cavities result from irreversible harm to the tooth’s enamel and require the removal of decaying tissues. Because removing this tissue alters the structure of your tooth, a dental filling can provide sturdy support.

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist provides routine cleaning and examinations to best preserve the health of your smile! If we detect the presence of a cavity, we can remove it and place a filling to prevent further growth. We will work together to hone your at-home oral hygiene and prevent future decay. (more…)

Treating Your Teeth Grinding At Night

Unhappy man on white backgroundCertain problems with your oral health can develop completely undetected in their early stages. Your daily oral hygiene practices can prevent the accumulation of plaque throughout your day, but how do you treat problems that occur while you are asleep? For patients who experience nighttime teeth grinding, you may be unaware of the problem until significant wear and tear develops. Also known as bruxism, grinding your teeth causes physical damage to the enamel that increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. When not addressed, this issue places strain on the muscles of your face and jaw as well and can reduce the quality of your sleep.

If you suspect the presence of bruxism, your Prairie Village, KS Dentist can inspect your teeth and locate the source of your symptoms. If we detect the signs of grinding your teeth, we can provide an interventive appliance to prevent further damage. Wearing an oral guard while you sleep can separate each row of your teeth and relieve tension felt in your jaw. Depending on the extent of your grinding, we can also provide restorative treatments to improve your teeth. (more…)

Remarkable Service For Healthy Smiles

confident man smiling Practicing rigorous oral hygiene helps preserve your teeth and gums as you go about your day. Because your mouth is a sensitive part of your body, regularly brushing and flossing removes bacterial deposits that lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Dedicating this time for self-care each morning can provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits. When you know your breath is fresh, you may feel more confident interacting with others.

To support your daily oral health routine, attending semiannual dental checkups  allows your Prairie Village, KS dentist to provide care beyond your abilities at home. We can evaluate the results of your efforts and treat any problems we detect.


Safely Extracting Your Injured Tooth

Man having toothache on sofaIf your dentist recommends extracting one of your teeth, you may initially feel alarmed. While it is completely normal to desire keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible, a tooth extraction is a safe procedure that treats particular dental injuries. Performing a reliable tooth extraction can provide more of a benefit to the overall health of your mouth than maintaining an injured tooth in place. You may have symptoms of decay that are too advanced to treat with a more conservative solution and cause consistent pain left untreated. This procedure is often the first step in providing a restorative prosthetic that returns a comfortable bite and the appearance of a full set of healthy teeth. For whatever reason your tooth requires extraction, your Prairie Village, KS dentist provides a comfortable environment to perform removal and then design a replacement. Our team has years of experience helping you fix your bite after tooth removal! (more…)

Reliable Restoration Of A Lost Tooth

face portrait of a cheerful smiling senior manIf you have recently lost one of your teeth, you are familiar with the impact on your quality of life. Simple activities like speaking and eating become tedious as you adjust to the gap in your smile. This loss of function accompanies feelings of embarrassment as you may be prone to hide your grin from others. But did you know that tooth loss can threaten the health of your remaining teeth as well? When tooth loss causes your bite to become misaligned, certain teeth take a disproportionate amount of stress and wear down more quickly. The teeth surrounding your gap may begin to shift and become loose as they lose stability and drift.

Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you prevent complications from tooth loss by planning and placing a restoration. We can evaluate the health of your mouth and determine which treatments best return your bite and provide the appearance of a full set of teeth. (more…)