Quiz: The Impact Of Daily Habits On Your Oral Health

You can look forward to important oral health care when you see your Prairie Village, KS dentist for routine dental services. These appointments give you updates about the current state of your smile, and the professional cleaning you receive can help you maintain healthy teeth. Of course, as important as these visits are, they are not a substitute for good daily habits. The choices you make that concern your diet, or your oral care regimen, can influence your risk for experiencing problems with tooth decay and gum disease. By keeping up with the right behaviors, and watching out for bad habits, you can reduce the likelihood that your dentist will need to provide you with restorative dental work. (more…)

Be A Part Of Prairie Village’s Holiday Tree Lighting Event!

On Thurdsay, November 29, you and your family can come out to enjoy the festive fun at the thirty-third annual Prairie Village Holiday Tree Lighting Event! During this special celebration, the Corinth Square Shopping Center will welcome holiday revelers to witness the lighting of the city Christmas tree in an event sponsored by the city, as well as Prairie Village Foundation and Corinth Square Shops. In addition to the lighting, you can enjoy Christmas carols, tasty treats, and a visit from Santa Claus! During this time of year, it can be all too easy – and tempting – to indulge in a few too many holiday treats. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist wants to remind you to keep up with smart oral care practices, and make sure your next routine dental checkup is scheduled! (more…)

Can MTM Aligners Effectively Straighten Your Smile?

So you want to do something about the alignment of your teeth – are there any options besides metal braces available that can help you? If you are ready to fix issues like smile gaps, and improper overlaps between teeth, you may prefer to use MTM aligners for your orthodontic work. Instead of visible bracket and wire braces, you can rely on a series of clear aligners, which are made to be hard to see, and easy to use. MTM aligners also offer an extra benefit for people looking to improve their smile in the form of shortened treatment time. These aligners focus on making corrections to the teeth that are most prominent in your smile, which can help you enjoy corrections in as little as three to six months! (more…)

A Proper Flossing Technique Can Better Protect Your Smile

The act of flossing is important, but it is not magical – to make the most of this practice, you need to be sure you are doing it effectively. What people sometimes fail to realize is that the full benefit of flossing comes from moving the string vertically, and moving down to your gum line. When you practice proper flossing habits, you can do a better job defending yourself against potential cavities, and gum disease. While helpful, this is only one of many practices you should maintain if you want to prevent dental troubles. In addition to steps you take on your own to keep your smile healthy, you should schedule regular dental exams with your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. (more…)

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Offers A Defense For Gum Disease

An ultrasonic scaling goes beyond the degree of care provided during a typical professional dental cleaning. So what makes it necessary in some cases? The goal of this procedure is to target harmful bacteria that have accumulated below your gum line, and caused an infection. By treating your teeth under your gums, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you recover from gingivitis, and avoid complications that can arise when gum disease is not treated in time. It is important to see gum disease as more than just a nuisance – in its advanced form, it can potentially cause you to experience tooth loss! (more…)

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Grinding My Teeth While I Sleep?

You can clench your jaw in a stressful moment without experiencing dental troubles. However, a persistent habit of grinding your teeth, particularly at night, can lead to problems. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, you can wear them down to the point that you see unflattering changes to your smile. It is also possible to damage teeth to the point that you need restorative dental work to address chips and cracks that form. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can work with you on addressing this problem. In addition to helping you keep your teeth safe at night, you can count on expert care to deal with any damage you may have already experienced. (more…)

Making Smile Improvements With Bonding And Contouring Work

Impressive smile improvements can be more attainable than people may expect. In fact, your Prairie Village, KS dentist may be able to provide you with notable changes in as little as one appointment through dental bonding and contouring work. These procedures make it possible to fix frustrating smile flaws without relying on custom-made restorations. Instead, your dentist can perform contouring work to carefully remove excess material from a tooth, and use a special resin material to cover up unsightly concerns. Can you see all of the changes you would like for your smile through a dental bonding and contouring procedure? You can arrange a consultation to find out more, and to see how the right cosmetic dental procedure can help you. (more…)

Bring Back Your Complete Smile By Receiving Dentures

Losing multiple teeth, or all of your upper or lower teeth, can feel devastating. Your ability to eat can be seriously compromised by tooth loss, and you can feel discomfort over how you look. Dentures can make it possible to restore your smile, even when many teeth are missing. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can talk to you about creating and supplying you with your own custom restoration, and about the benefits to replacing lost teeth. You can feel better about how you look, and even enjoy meals with more confidence. With the use of dental implants to stabilize your prosthetic, you can be impressed by the way your prosthetic work can improve your dental function. (more…)

Be Prepared To Protect Your Smile Through The Holidays

While your commitment to preventing cavities can remain constant throughout the year, the holidays can make smile care a little more difficult. For some people, the challenge comes in the form of holiday treats – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all offer an assortment of sweets that are high in sugar. For others, the trouble comes when travel plans interfere with their oral care regimen. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help you in your efforts to maintain a healthy smile. While routine dental checkups offer important preventive care, and an important cavity review, you should also make sure you keep up with good oral hygiene between appointments.  (more…)

Take Part In The Veterans Day Celebration At Sprint Campus

During this year’s Veterans Day, you and your family can take part in a special celebration held at Overland Park’s Sprint Campus! The city, along with Sprint and other partnering organizations, will be hosting a special Veterans Day event that encourages residents to show support to local veterans. There will be special exhibits and events, along with special vehicles visitors can check out. Food trucks will be on hand to provide lunch for everyone who attends. As the year draws to a close, your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help patients who are due for regular dental care. If you have remaining dental benefits you have not used yet, or if you have a concern about a smile problem, let us know!  (more…)