We Can Help You Show Off A Brighter, Whiter Smile In 2020

If you can greet 2020 with a brighter, whiter smile, you can have an easier time beginning the new year with an important confidence boost. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable with the way you look, the right cosmetic dental procedure can positively change the way people perceive you. While you can be interested in the benefits of a procedure, you can be unsure about fitting cosmetic treatment in at the end of the year when the holidays are in full swing. You can find that treatment is surprisingly convenient thanks to the take-home whitening kits offered at our Prairie Village, KS dental practice. Through daily treatments that occur on your schedule, you can make your teeth noticeably brighter, and begin the new year with a dazzling smile! (more…)

How Can I Determine If Dental Veneers Are Right For Me?

Should you commit to a cosmetic dental procedure? For many people, cosmetic treatment effectively addresses problems with their appearance that affect their confidence, and the way they are perceived by others. If you have concerns about the quality of your teeth, you can find that treatment offers exciting improvements. What might surprise you is just how effective one procedure can be, even if you have multiple issues with your appearance that you would like to correct. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we can recommend cosmetic work with porcelain veneers for people who want to improve the condition of their teeth, address discoloration, and even hide some alignment flaws! (more…)

Can Better Bite Function Improve Your Quality Of Life?

If you live with chronic pain in your face, jaw, or head, it might be time to have your bite function examined. People are sometimes surprised to discover that their bite function is flawed – what does it mean to bite and chew “improperly”? People who have poor dental alignment, those who tend to grind their teeth at night, and those with painful or sensitive teeth may have developed uneven motions when biting and chewing. As a result, they can place continued stress on their jaw joints and muscles, which can lead to recurring pain that hurts their quality of life. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we can help you if you are experiencing TMJ disorder, and provide lasting relief. (more…)

How Many Times Should You See Your Dentist Each Year?

As the year draws to a close, you can find yourself busy with holiday activities. However, you should not feel as though you have no time to take care of yourself, particularly when it comes to your smile. Unless your dentist has determined that you would be better served by a different schedule, you should have a checkup around every six months. If you are falling behind on this, you can be vulnerable to problems caused by accumulating plaque and tartar. You can also allow issues with your periodontal health, or even tooth decay, to go untreated. Our Prairie Village, KS dental office offers important preventive care at every routine dental appointment. By staying consistent with these visits, you can make sure your smile stays in good shape! (more…)

How Can I Make Sure My Dental Bridge Stays In Place?

When you have a dental bridge put in place to address the loss of a tooth (or several adjacent teeth), you can count on the restoration to support your smile while also helping you bite and chew comfortably. What has to happen to ensure that your bridge remains secure, and offers lasting support? These prosthetic restorations manage to stay in place without oral surgery because they are held by a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are placed over the teeth surrounding a gap, and act as stabilizing forces to keep your pontic (replacement tooth) in the exact right position. This is not your only option for prosthetic dental work if you want to have a permanent restoration, as our Prairie Village, KS dental office can talk to you about the benefits of dental implant support as well. (more…)

Will This Year’s Holiday Parties Lead To Cavities?

Holiday parties give you opportunities to catch up with friends and family members. They also encourage us to make the most of this festive season. Is there any downside to attending as many festive gatherings as possible? If you are not smart about your oral care routine, and you overindulge with holiday treats, you could experience a downside in the form of tooth decay! Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you protect your smile at regular dental exams. During these visits, we can give you tips to help you avoid smile troubles, and remain free of cavities and gum disease. (more…)

Trouble With A Toothache? Make Time To See Your Dentist

The holiday season can keep people particularly busy. Even with time off work, plans with friends and family can fill your schedule, and keep you on the move. While there is never a good time to have a toothache, at this time of year dealing with this discomfort can feel especially inconvenient. What you should know is that by ignoring the problem, you leave yourself in a situation where you have to continue experiencing distracting discomfort. You also give a potentially serious oral health issue more time to worsen and attack your tooth! At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can examine the problem, and recommend the appropriate restorative dental procedure to relive you of ongoing pain. (more…)

Planning A Personalized Bonding And Contouring Treatment

You want your smile to stand out, but for the right reasons. Just as one person’s smile is different from another’s, the dental flaws that concern you can differ from problems that someone else has with the way their teeth look. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we are proud to offer a personalized approach to cosmetic dental care. In order to make precise improvements to the shape and size of your teeth, we can provide a dental bonding and contouring procedure. This service can lead to teeth looking brighter, healthier, and more appropriately sized. It is often possible to have bonding and contouring work completed in just one appointment! (more…)

What Separates Ultrasonic Scalings From Regular Cleanings?

At a standard preventive dental exam, your teeth will receive an expert cleaning from our hygienist. The cleanings provided during routine visits help patients keep their teeth healthy because they remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup. They also allow us to examine the state of your smile, and talk to you about your oral care routine. While these cleanings are thorough, they only address your teeth above your gum line. If you show signs of gingivitis, it can be important to deliver a more thorough treatment to remove bacteria beneath your gums. The treatment we provide in this situation is an ultrasonic scaling. While clearing away bacteria from beneath your gums, we use our ultrasonic tool to effectively clear away bacteria with less discomfort for our patients. After a successful cleaning, you can recover from a periodontal infection, and avoid complications from poor gum health. (more…)

Do You Have Dental Anxiety? Learn How Sedation Can Help

If you are struggling with dental anxiety, you may find the idea of arranging a dental appointment uncomfortable. Many people are affected by some degree of discomfort at the thought of restorative dental work, but individuals suffering from anxiety can even find routine dental appointments difficult. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, our goal is to deliver important care to our patients while also making their experience in the dentist’s chair as comfortable as possible. When patients are worried about an upcoming procedure, or have difficulties with dental anxiety, we can recommend an appropriate form of dental sedation. We can even help you feel comfortable after a procedure by using OraVerse to reduce the unwelcome lingering effects of anesthetic. (more…)