Smile Solutions With Clear Aligners

There are different strategies that patients rely on to make lasting smile improvements. If your goal is to do something about poorly spaced teeth, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can offer a treatment that leads to meaningful changes while keeping your adjustment discreet. Instead of depending on a set of metal braces to move your teeth, we can recommend that you use Orthodontic Clear Aligners to see positive results! These aligners are difficult to see as well as easy for you to remove. In addition to taking care of your cosmetic concerns about poor alignment, we can use these appliances to improve your bite function! (more…)

Should An Older Crown Be Replaced?

When you undergo treatment for a cavity or injured tooth, you will have a restoration put in place to address permanent harm to your tooth structure. If you need one, you can receive a dental crown to provide the right level of support. This offers more coverage and protection than a dental filling, as the crown will completely surround your tooth above the gum line. This is mean to provide permanent protection. Of course, just as teeth can become worn down or damaged over time, an older restoration can begin to give you trouble. If it is necessary to do so, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can let you know if an older crown should be replaced. While we can see you to discuss this concern directly, we can also check on the condition of any fillings or crowns that you have when you come in for routine services. (more…)

Your Experience With Urgent Smile Care

There are times when poor oral health can be identified and discussed at your next dental checkup. In fact, you may learn about problems you were not aware of, as a careful exam can reveal issues in their early stages. However, there are also times when you require support as soon as it can be provided. For advanced discomfort or a physical injury, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help! We offer emergency dental services when our patients require them. In addition to promptly providing the support that you require, we can supply the appropriate work to preserve your appearance and dental function. (more…)

Seeing Results From Clear Aligners

When you take care of your problems with teeth spacing, what kind of improvements will you really see? With Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can make your smile more symmetrical and attractive by fixing gaps, overlaps, and other problems with your alignment. In addition to enjoying cosmetic changes, you can benefit from your corrective work because it improves your bite function and oral hygiene efforts. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can help you understand how these appliances can help you, and we can prepare you for a successful treatment experience. When your work is over, you can marvel at just how much good this one approach to care can do to improving on how a person looks. (more…)

We Can Discuss Your TMJ Difficulties

When you have problems with your jaw movement, the poor alignment of your joints can lead to tension that causes pain and stiffness that lowers your quality of life. As time passes, that can lead to worsening discomfort on its own, and it can lead to teeth grinding difficulties that can cause serious dental damage! At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are prepared to help our patients take on problems with poor TMJ difficulties that interfere with their quality of life. In addition to providing appliance therapy to help you relieve discomfort, we can look out for any oral health issues that are making it hard for you to bite and chew with natural movements. (more…)

When You Need A Broken Tooth Restored

The strength of our dental enamel makes it possible to enjoy a wide array of foods, even those that are relatively tough to break down. Unfortunately, our teeth are not indestructible. If you discover this the hard way by injuring a tooth, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help! Not only are we prepared to address physical dental damage, we can do so on short notice by offering emergency oral health services to our patients. With the right timely treatment, you can avoid complications, spend less time in pain, and ensure that your smile and bite function are preserved! (more…)

Beginning Your Clear Aligner Treatment

As soon as you begin your orthodontic work with clear aligners, you can take on unsightly gaps and overlaps that make your smile less attractive. It can be a relief to know that your corrective work can proceed without conspicuous metal braces. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can recommend Orthodontic Clear Aligners, which are capable of straightening your teeth without drawing unwanted attention. In addition to being difficult to notice, you can have an easier time adapting to care because your aligners are easy for you to remove. (more…)

Providing Comfortable Smile Care

Your comfort in the dentist’s chair is a priority when you make an appointment for routine services as well as when you require more involved restorative treatment. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can work with patients to provide positive experiences during all appointments. For those who have anxiety about oral health services, and for those who are uneasy about specific procedures, we can offer the added support of dental sedation to make visits easier. Safe sedation can help you remain at ease for the duration of care. To provide more comfort after a restorative treatment, we can use OraVerse to help you regain feeling in the areas around a tooth that has been cared for. (more…)

We Offer Timely Care For Dental Pain

Once you start to experience problems with dental pain, it can be difficult to ignore the discomfort as well as the possibility that it is a symptom of something serious. To make sure that the matter is properly addressed, our Prairie Village, KS dental practice can bring you in for prompt care. Emergency dental services ensure that patients enjoy timely relief from discomfort, but they are also important because they help us prevent trouble from becoming more severe. Just as we would with a regular restorative service, we can take care to provide restorative dental work on short notice that takes care of a tooth’s health and appearance. (more…)

Qualifying For Clear Aligner Treatment

By beginning treatment to straighten your teeth, you can take on a problem that has robbed you of confidence in your smile and take on something that can negatively affect your oral health. What might surprise you is how a conservative, patient-friendly approach to orthodontic work can help you take on these concerns and see welcome overall improvements. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can evaluate you to confirm that you are a good candidate for treatment with Orthodontic Clear Aligners. From this point, we can begin plans to provide you with a set of clear aligners that will gradually move teeth into their proper positions and give you positive cosmetic and oral health results! (more…)