We Offer Supportive Restorations To Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can create problems in your daily life that feel frustrating, and inescapable. For individuals dealing with noticeable smile gaps, the problem can make them feel embarrassed, and appear older and less healthy. Losing a tooth in a less noticeable area can keep you from feeling self-conscious about your smile, but it can still complicate your ability to bite, chew, and speak. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we understand that missing teeth are a big problem, and we offer modern solutions. Custom dental bridges and dentures can make your smile whole again, and renew your confidence in your appearance. Thanks to dental bridges and dental implant-held prosthetic appliances, it is possible to secure a restoration so that your biting and chewing can be improved! (more…)

3 Situations Where A Modern Dental Crown Can Be Beneficial

Modern dental crowns provide support for a vulnerable tooth that can help you bite without pain, while also keeping you safe against infection. Because our Prairie Village, KS dental office can offer crowns with different material types, including lifelike zirconia and porcelain, you can also feel more confident in the way you look after you have a problem tooth treated with a restoration. As with other forms of restorative dentistry, the placement of a crown is often associated with cavity treatment. This can be a great time to receive a crown, but it is actually one of many situations where you might benefit from setting up an appointment to receive a new restoration. (more…)

Can Cosmetic Work Help You Hide Dental Wear And Tear?

Dental wear and tear is not always a consequence of poor dental habits. Over years of biting and chewing, your teeth may not retain the shape you remember. For older patients, or people who have naturally softer enamel, the accumulation of friction over time can make teeth take on a worn, less healthy appearance. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide help with this issue through cosmetic dental work. The right procedure can restore the shape of your teeth, hide any signs of damage, and give you an important confidence boost. It should be noted that if the problem is more serious, particularly worn teeth could be better supported with dental crowns. (more…)

Is Poor Hydration Affecting Your Oral Health?

Some daily behaviors are more obviously connected to your oral health than others. When you brush and floss, the connection between these actions and your dental hygiene should be pretty apparent. Avoiding sugary treats can also show concern about problems like tooth decay. What you might not expect is that staying hydrated – and drinking more water – can have real benefits for your oral health. Staying better hydrated can help you naturally fight oral bacteria and decay, and choosing water over flavored beverages can help you avoid sugar. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can talk to you during routine dental appointments about making positive changes to your daily behaviors that can help you avoid cavities! (more…)

The Importance Of Screening For Oral Health Issues

Imagine how much harder your job would be if you suddenly received no feedback – nothing from your coworkers, or your boss, or your customers. Feedback is also important when it comes to smile care. Sure, you can do a good job of caring for your smile by brushing and flossing, but you may not know when something is wrong until the problem starts to become serious. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can perform thorough examinations that allow us to alert you to any possible oral health concerns. This can lead to earlier detection and treatment of cavities, which means the restorative dental work you need is less involved. Because your routine dental checkups also include thorough teeth cleanings, you can also rely on these visits to help you avoid trouble! (more…)

Why You Should Make Your Periodontal Health A Priority

To take truly take the health of your smile seriously, you need to worry about more than just the condition of your teeth. The condition of your gums can have a big impact on your overall oral health – when you allow bacteria to gather at your gum line, you can put yourself at risk for gum disease. A person with gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, a person can experience problems with swollen or reddened gums, as well as periodontal bleeding. If the problem progresses, it can become difficult to manage, and may lead to tooth loss! At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we can provide ultrasonic scaling procedures for patients who need help managing a periodontal problem. (more…)

Avoiding Obstacles Between You And A Whiter Smile

Do you feel like real improvements to the color of your smile have been elusive? Are you worried that there is nothing available to you that can lead to results that people will notice? At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide you with professional cosmetic dental treatment that can offer noticeable improvements! We can provide our patients with a custom take-home whitening kit that uses stronger whitening agents than store bought products. These kits are able to remove significant and stubborn stains to ensure dramatic improvements. We can also help you see results if your problems are the result of something other than teeth stains, as we can provide alternative cosmetic dental procedures that can brighten teeth. (more…)

Providing A Comfortable Experience During Restorative Work

It may not be something that people look forward to, but restorative dental work does provide individuals with protection against oral health troubles that can become serious if they are not addressed. Acting as quickly as possible to take care of something like tooth decay will allow you to minimize how much harm decay ultimately does to your tooth structure. Unfortunately, people who are anxious or fearful about dental work can delay scheduling care even when they know they should make an appointment. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can help make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. For those who could benefit from extra support, we can offer dental sedation to make their time in the dentist’s chair easier. (more…)

Let’s Talk About Restoring That Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

How serious is a problem with a chipped or cracked tooth? While the problem can certainly affect your smile, you may be less concerned if the damage does not result in pain, or affect the way you bite and chew. What you might not realize is that your tooth could be weakened by this harm, and you could wind up with more significant problems if you ignore the matter. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can evaluate your tooth, and talk to you about proper treatment. If restorative dental work is recommended, a custom dental crown can help you smile, bite, and chew without issue. In cases where damage is truly just a superficial concern, you can learn about your different cosmetic dental treatment options. (more…)

Learning To Recognize Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

Is TMJ dysfunction something you really need to be concerned about? People who struggle with problems like headaches, painful jaw movement, and chronic teeth grinding may be unaware that TMJ dysfunction can be the cause of their troubles. The term is used to address any problem that creates trouble for your jaw joints, and/or the muscles that operate your jaw. Even if you are unsure of why you might have issues with your jaw, you can recognize symptoms connected to TMJ dysfunction, and share your concerns with your dentist. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide relief by offering you the appropriate treatment. Individuals experiencing these troubles can find that a custom appliance helps relieve stress, and alleviate their symptoms! (more…)