Dentures: Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Damaged One

When you’re someone who wears a full or partial denture, you gain the benefit of enjoying a smile that’s complete, that’s easy to care for, and that looks beautiful. What you might not be expecting, however, is the day damage occurs. It could be just a little bit of a shape change, a chip, a break, or you simply wake up one morning to find your denture doesn’t fit as well. The positive news is that you can come to us for a repair, so your smile remains in excellent condition. If not, consequences loom on the horizon! So, take our reasons to heart.

It Can Cause Abrasions And Calluses

Think about what happens when you wear a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit. They rub and rub, leading to scraped skin, blisters, and eventually to calluses. The same thinking applies with a full or partial denture worn with your smile. If the fit isn’t right, you may find yourself with abraded tissue and even with calluses down the line, so fix that denture soon.

It Can Stress Your Jaw Joints

You may have noticed that you end up doing some pretty creative stuff with your jaw when your denture isn’t fitting or is damaged. You’ll need to shift it this way and then that way to speak and to eat. Eventually, your jaw joints will not like this and may become inflamed and stressed.

It Can Make Speaking And Chewing Difficult

Your full or partial denture helps you speak. It helps you eat. It completes your smile. When it is damaged, you’re running the risk of fighting with your smile in order to complete these basic tasks. Choose to repair it, so your daily quality of life does not take a hit.

Care For Your Dentures With Our Help

If you suspect your denture is damaged or is not fitting properly, schedule a visit to see us soon. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.