Surprising Side Effects Of Smoking

If someone were to ask you about the side effects of smoking cigarettes, chances are good that you could rattle off some very serious problems it may cause your overall health. Lung cancer, cardiac problems, and more are on the list. As for your oral health and smoking, do you know much about the side effects? It can yellow your smile and encourage gum disease, certainly. How about some less obvious problems? Let’s explore a little, so you recognize that the impact is truly far reaching.

It Can Make Dry Mouth Worse

It’s not going to be the direct cause of your dry mouth if you’re dealing with parched tissues and a cottony sensation. However, if you choose to smoke cigarettes, it can make this oral health condition worse. Not sure why this is such a bad thing? Let’s review:

  • Dry mouth leaves you without enough saliva
  • Saliva is essential for consistently flushing bacteria away
  • A buildup of bacteria can mean foul breath, decayed teeth, and periodontal disease, none of which are good for your oral health

It Can Lead To Loss Of Taste

Did you know that a major oral health concern associated with smoking cigarettes is lost of taste? Unfortunately, when you smoke, it can lead to damaged taste buds that are altered in shape and size. While it might not completely demolish your buds, it will change them in a way that dulls your ability to take in flavors. Foods will begin to taste different. Avoid this issue by kicking the habit before it damages your tongue.

Learn How To Quit Smoking

Coming in for advice regarding why it’s best to quit smoking and how to do so can significantly protect your oral health. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.