Taking Care To Keep Your Gums Healthy

taking care to keep your gums healthyDo you pay attention to your gums when you take care of your teeth? Have you noticed any signs that they have become swollen, red, or more prone to bleeding when you brush or floss? Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss for adults, and unchecked gum disease can cause your gum line to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth. If you want to preserve your oral health, you should be attendant to the needs of your gums. If you have started to develop issues with gum disease, an ultrasonic deep cleaning can help.

What Gum Disease Does To Your Oral Health

Gum disease occurs when bacteria on your teeth gain access to your gum line, and infect your gums. If it is allowed to progress, it can cause your gum line to recede, as well as destroy the bone surrounding a tooth socket. That can create “pockets” between your teeth and gums where more bacteria can accumulate. Advanced gum disease can harm your jawbone, and leave your teeth unsupported, which can cause tooth loss.

An Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning Can Help With Gum Disease

During an ultrasonic deep cleaning, your dentist will access the roots of your teeth, normally covered by your gum line, and clean them. Because this can be an involved process, it may take multiple visits to complete. This can help stop the development of gum disease.

Addressing Cosmetic Issues With Your Gums

If your issue with your gum line is cosmetic in nature, gum recontouring can help. Excess gum material can be precisely trimmed away, to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile.


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